Discover RSA Tours
Discover Southern Africa the fun and informative way

DISCOVER RSA TOURS  is a new up and coming tour operating business built on dreams.

There is an idiom “Great minds think alike” ( we will not add the last bit) and this is how it happened

Steffi Prinsloo  had this dream of organizing tours.  A great lover of her country with a specific soft spot  for the Kruger National Park  and surrounding areas she had this ideal to show the country to the rest of the world . She was passionate about it and sat hours writing up what she wanted, and how she wanted it. 

Marion Bruwer, a great lover of her country and the diversity of it, had a similar dream of creating tours so that the tourists could come and experience the beauty of the country. Two individuals living  far from each  other, each having a dream to start a tour operating business.

Years later we ended up being neighbours  and  the dreams  we had  were shared and out of these dreams a business arose.  We pooled our similar ideas, worked hard   and  built up the current tour with many more tours to come.

Our offices are situated in Mookgophong, a small town  in Limpopo province, but that does not  deter us from showing you the whole of South Africa plus some of our Neighbouring states.  We take pride in offering you the best of all cultures in the Southern Regions of Africa. As our groups will be small groups you are assured that all your needs and your safety will be attended to. With all the meals, snacks and beverages we offer the only thing you may need at the end of the tour is a weight loss programme,  During these tours we will also be taking photographs and short video clips of the sights and will post these on Facebook and Twitter. 

We also offer the additional service of  sending any curious, art or sculptures which you will not be able to take on the plane with you to your home . For this however you will have to bear the costs.



CONTACT DETAILS: Telephone:   Steffi Prinsloo  - +27792464678 ( Between 07:45 and 20:30 RSA time )

                                                 Marion Bruwer - +27718925595 (Between 07:45 and 20:30 RSA time)